Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Want To Find Nintendo Wii in Stock?

Wow, even after more than a year of its release date, the Wii is still not in stock at most places. It is not a surprise considering that it is selling at a rate of 17 units per second! Yep you heard that right! 17 units per second!

But if you are determined to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind system, you CAN find a wii in stock. I've done the research for you, so get your credit card out because you're about to get a wii!

Nintendo Wii in stock on eBay. (Many, many of them!)

Make sure to sign up for eBay as a member before buying the wii. You will get added security with your transaction. I've bought more than 30 things from eBay and they've all arrived safe and sound, so no need to worry!

Wii not in stock at WalMart, Toys R Us, K&B Toys, GameStop, and Radioshack.

I will try to keep the nintendo wii in stock list updated as often as I can. It seems though that it should not be difficult to find a wii at eBay.

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durme10 said...

I finally got a wii after searching the stores in my city for three months. I stood in lines for hours and made many phone calls to most of the stores without any luck. I decided to continue my wii search on line and ended up on a wii tracker web site. Their it was, the flashing in stock sign that stated amazon had the wii in stock for its retail price of $250.00.I highly recommend these wii tracker sites if you are trying to find a wii.