Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How on earth do I find a wii?

Trying to buy a Wii? It's going to be rough going. Nintendo did not manufacture more systems in anticipation of the holiday crunch, and the Nintendo Wii turned out to be such a popular item, that stores everywhere are running out.

It is very possible to find a wii in stock online. Since this is such a high demand item, sellers are doing all that is in their power to supply the public with it. If you buy it online, you can usually have it at your doorstep within a couple of days. These console systems are usually brand new and come with a receipt in case anything goes wrong.

With so much scam online these days, it can be scary to buy a console system online. Use these tips and tricks to make sure you buy online safely:

- The website where you choose to buy the system should be recognized like eBay. Keep your eye out for small, fishy looking websites.

- To make the payment use a service like PayPal or pay with your credit card. Don't mail a check or money order because this will take longer and chances of fraud are higher with these. With PayPal your purchase is protected.

- Make sure to buy the console from a seller who has a good positive rating. Especially on eBay. Try to see if you can find a powerseller. These are people who sell a few thousand items on eBay each month and are reliable.

- Make sure to compare prices before you buy. On eBay you can see the auctions that are about to finish or auctions that are already finished. Check against these prices. The prices will usually be lower than the ones you'd find in retail stores.

- Make sure the item you are bidding on has all the accessories and pieces you want. Does it have all the controllers, software, and cables? Is it "new in box"? Do you need a single system, or a bundle, with two controllers and nunchucks?

- Buy from a seller with a cash-back return policy. If your system doesn't measure up, you want to have the choice to get a refund.

- Make sure to ask your questions (if you have any) before placing a bid. Once you place the bid, the contract is sealed and you have to buy from that seller.

Make use of the tips I have mentioned to make sure you get the Nintendo wii system that you or your family is looking for!

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